Well, we all love our steaks, hamburgers, and chicken wings, but have you thought about veganism? For the uninitiated, veganism is all about avoiding animal produce, right from meat and dairy, to everything else that comes from the animal kingdom, such as wool, cosmetics, leather, silk, and honey. In this post, we give 6 good reasons why you should turn vegan this year.

  • Because you wish to lose weight. Studies have revealed that vegans are lighter than their meat-loving counterparts. If you feel tired during the day or want to lose those extra pounds, you should definitely turn vegan. Contrary to what people believe, you don’t have to be unhappy with your food options either. Try vegan fast food choices like hash brown or apple pie whenever you feel hungry.

  • Because you care for animals. Check a few posts from PETA, and you will realize the horror of the slaughterhouses. If you want to do something for the animals you love, it’s time to quit meat.
  • Because you want to stay healthy. A lot of the common diseases, including heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, are manmade and can be avoided. Plant protein is enough and a healthier choice for your body and you can keep many of the lifestyle diseases at bay. Just cutting down saturated animal fat makes a big difference.

Go Vegan

  • Because vegan food is tasty too. Yes, you heard that right. Many companies and brands are coming up with an exciting range of dairy-product alternatives, and some of these foods are tasty too. For example, tofu tastes as good as cottage cheese. There are cookbooks and manuals for vegan cooking, so you won’t miss a thing.
  • Because meat isn’t healthy. Meat is often laced with antibiotics and toxins, and animal rearing practices are getting worse by the day. Chicken contaminated with campylobacter can cause a number of health concerns. Unless the meat comes from a verified and organic source, it’s hardly as good as you would pretend it to be.

  • Because you care for the planet. The world has limited natural resources, and a considerable part of it goes in raising farm animals. If you wish to do your bit for the planet, just turn vegan right away.

What are you waiting for? Take the leap now and influence others, because we need to make a difference, and we can do that together.