No matter what the event is, be it a fundraiser or a business seminar, the choice of caterers is very crucial. You would want everything at your event to be perfect and you obviously want the best service from your investment. But, if you are not someone with event planning as the profession, it can be difficult to hire the best caterer.

When you are looking for Melbourne corporate catering, you can’t just pick the first one you find. There are a lot of things to taken into account in order to find out the best caterer for an event. Here are seven essential tips for hiring the best caterer:

  1. Narrow Down Your Options:

The first step is thinning the herd. You have a ton of choices in front of you for corporate catering Melbourne, but you need to pick one. To do that, read recommendations and reviews online. Ask your colleagues and friends. The venue management might have worked with caterers before. You can consult with them as well.

  1. Visit the Kitchen:

Before you choose any office catering Melbourne, do visit their kitchen. Check for professionalism and how clean they keep their surroundings. A dirty kitchen with no regard for hygiene is a really bad sign. The staff should be attentive and the kitchen should be clean.

  1. Menu Options:

One of the most important parts of corporate lunch catering Melbourne is the menu selection. Not all caterers can service your needs. You should review all the menu ideas beforehand to make sure there is no mix-up at the end.

  1. Availability of Staff:

Before signing a caterer, make sure they have everything that you need. This means, they should have enough staff to serve the entire event fully. Things like serving of buffet, restocking food, clearing dishes, servers, bar staff etc. should be thought of beforehand so that the event runs smoothly.

  1. Caterer Should Be Open to Customer Input:

Don’t hire stubborn caterers. They should be able to understand what you want and work closely with you during all the stages of your event. You want them to prepare your menu with absolute perfection and take your instructions seriously.

  1. Schedule Tastings:

Another important step of hiring a caterer is ensuring that you taste the menu before they are prepared for your event. If a proper tasting can be arranged, it means that the caterer is confident about their work; otherwise, they are hiding something and you should move on to some other service.

  1. Compare the Service Cost:

Finally, one of the major deciding factors is the cost of the catering service. You know your budget well and you should only choose a caterer that fits into it. Ensure that there isn’t any hidden fee and the price would stay the same at the time of hiring and payout.

Follow these simple tips and get the best caterer for your event. This isn’t that hard once you follow all the steps. Follow your instincts and use these tips as a guide for your selection.