People are prescribed steroids to treat a number of medical conditions. Mainly steroids are of two types: anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. Both of these steroids are used in treating many severe medical conditions including musculoskeletal problems, autoimmune diseases and a number of fertility issues. A number of these steroids are used for bodybuilding and also to increase the performance of athletes, this usage of steroids is completely illegal in most countries. Steroid potency charts were designed to provide very specific data about the efficacy and strength of different types of steroids. These charts are quite simple to understand and they provide a basic idea about how harmful or effective a steroid is.

Potency chart for anabolic steroids

The main aim of a potency chart is to provide information about the drug, dosage in adults, dosage for children and the side effects which may occur due to prolonged usage. These charts are mostly used by bodybuilders to figure out the best steroid for themselves, which will help in increasing muscle mass and decrease excess body fat. Using a very good potency chart is important if you want to use a steroid. You can get a lot of information about this from Always consider the milligram dosage strength, frequency of usage, frequency of exercise and the work-out routines you follow before buying a steroid, because it depends on all these factors.

Finding a good steroid chart

You may be thinking that this section is completely useless and you can just search online and get a bunch of images for steroid charts within a few seconds. Yes, it is true that getting a steroid chart online is very easy, but getting a good one isn’t. A huge number of the charts available online are based on corticosteroids, which are basically steroids which the doctors prescribe to treat autoimmune and inflammatory conditions like asthma, allergies and arthritis. Corticosteroids are available easily with a prescription; they are available as an injection or in oral, topical and inhaled forms.

Information about the potency of steroids

When checking a steroid chart, be sure that you look for the medical certificate which paved the way for the making of said list. You should know the perfect milligram strength and follow a proper dosage schedule to avoid most side effects and reactions. The best thing for you to do is start with a physician and design a dosage regime which is perfect for you based on the potency charts. A huge amount of the steroids we take are thrown out of the body by urine or faeces; that’s what we will change.

Checking potency charts

You need to find a potency chart online which has got all the relevant information about the steroid you want to use. Then you check the credentials of the people who made that chart because anyone can upload anything online nowadays, and almost always, these charts are completely useless. Go over to to get a very good idea about these charts and how to use them.