If you happen to be in Birmingham, one of the best shopping cities in the United Kingdom either on business, work or just visiting with friends and want to grab a grub and titillate your taste buds too, there is no better place than to hop over to Daniels Bistro the best restaurant around, serving delicious international cuisine, like none other.

Conveniently located at the most talked about address at 13, St. Mary’s Row, Moseley, B-13/ 8 HW, Birmingham, we have all what you would aspire to make your date with us that much more special.

Parking is ample within a two minute walk and getting to us is not a hassle but just a thought away and to indulge in a culinary experience that would bring optimum satisfaction to you and your companions.

The interior ambience is just the right atmosphere to kick start that appetite and with a wide choice of beers, wines and drinks you could prepare yourself for the gastronomical delights we would be placing before you whilst you wait, socializing with your companions.

Our specialty culinary dishes offered are carefully prepared under the watchful eyes of our Master Chef and proprietor the most experienced and ingenious Daniel Robinson.

Our Menus are diligently selected through years of experience of knowing what our patrons’ desire and everything have been put together with the right combination of quality and price, to ideally suit your wallet and appetite.

The Bistro Menu is presented with an authentic flavor of the right combinations of Starters followed by the Mains and finding what you would really like on that day would be our desire to offer.

Our Starters from Braised Oxtail, sweet potato puree, & own jus

King Prawn Risotto, Red Pepper pesto,

Calamari with Sweet Chili dressing,

Is just a peep for you of what we offer and they are as delicious as they sound, with a few more for your discerning selection.

Our Mains are a cross selection of super delectable delights which combination we have put together to offer the best culinary choices to our discerning clientele.

Traditional Roast Turkey, with all its special trimmings,

Blade of Beef, Butternut Squash & Onion Chutney,

Shoulder of Lamb, Buttered Spinach & Apricot & Red Wine Sauce,

Medley of Seafood with Spicy Paprika Sauce,

These are just a few of the most delicious dishes we offer prepared to the highest standards in a hygienically controlled environment to ensure not only the satisfaction of our patron’s palate but health as well.

Our meats, fish and vegetables are all sourced from the best suppliers in the market and our daily trek there, to ensure that we get the freshest and best is what makes our final preparations to have the final nod from our discerning clientele.

The desserts we offer are just what the doctor ordered and would sweep you off your feet just for the exemplary quality we strive to maintain by keeping the right balance in sweetness.

Confit Apple & Date Timbale with Fruit Compote is our Dessert specialty and you would love it if you try it.