Are you the health conscious type like you are always enticed to try every suggested health supplements or maybe if one will tell you that this and that are good, you will be curious about it right away? Of course, everyone of us wants to look fit and healthy and the good thing is, there are so many ways to do so as long as you are determined. All you need to do is to practice self-discipline and stay away from unhealthy habits and foods. There is no denying this is something that is hard to do.

Do you know that cabbage is one of the healthiest to eat! Of course, we are talking about the organic type of cabbage here! There are many ways to make cabbage be a part of a delicious recipe and one way is the cabbage soup. That is right and this cabbage soup is also called Dolly Parton Cabbage Soup Diet.

Do you want to also enjoy this really healthy diet? If so, you should check out the Cabbage Soup Recipe online! Why is this cabbage soup getting more popular? The topmost reason is the fact that this is just light, detoxing and full of nourishing vegetables!

Below are the ingredients of the famous cabbage soup:

  • Green cabbage – this is packed with fiber and a great source of other helpful vitamins and minerals.
  • Celery – this is packed with fiber as well and aid in burning calories faster
  • Onion – aids in improving immunity as it is packed with vitamin C
  • Carrots – great for your eyesight because it is packed with vitamin A
  • Seasoning – packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Chicken broth/vegetable broth – fills you up and hydrate the body at the same time
  • Apple cider vinegar – aids in weight loss and quite helpful in other ways

There are still more nutritious ingredients of cabbage soup that are not mentioned here and you can easily check for them online. The bottom line is, cabbage soup is one of the best healthy diets that one can enjoy. You should try making it for yourself and your family.

Health is wealth as they say. Even if you are quite wealthy yet your body is sickly, your money will evaporate like bubbles. Thus be sure to know about sources of vitamins like cabbage and learn some recipes that can make them more enticing and delicious.