Most of the people around the world are familiar with regular coffee. However, have you heard about organic coffee? Organic coffee is generally grown without using any herbicide, pesticide, chemicals or any other additives. Therefore, if you find coffee which is labelled as organic, then you must understand that it has been picked from the farm where no synthetic additives have been used as a fertilizer.

Both organic and regular coffee can be used as coffee fundraiser, as you will not find great difference in taste between the two. However, there is little difference in the flavour. Also, there is a cost difference between the two. Organic coffee has less metallic flavour as compared to regular coffee. There is some difference in its preparation too.

So, what is so special about organic coffee? As mentioned earlier, it does not use any chemical fertilizer when organic coffee is grown in the farm. Instead of that chicken manure and coffee pulp is used in place of chemical fertilizer. That is the main reason for labelling this variety of coffee as organic coffee.

The major producers of this organic coffee are South America and Honduras. These two countries supply organic coffee throughout the world.

What are the plus points of organic coffee?

  • Considered better for health

Since they are produced without using any harmful chemical fertilizers, this variety of coffee is considered to be better for health.

  • Lower impact on the environment

Since this variety of coffee does not need any chemical products there will be no harm to the environment.

These days, people prefer only organic coffee.