To say that planning a corporate catering event is stressful is probably an understatement. Typically, there is a lot of effort and time that goes into preparing for any successful corporate event.  Although you may think that planning for any corporate event is as easy as getting everything in order and waiting for the big day, you may need to pose and think again.

Apart from organizing a great reception and serene environment, you also need to come up with a list of food items that will be on your menu. The good news is that it is entirely possible to have not only delicious but also a healthier catering menu for your corporate event.

Working with the South Florida catering experts to make slight tweaks to your menu can go a long way in helping your guests who may be having food allergies or any dietary restrictions. Here are some easy ways to create a healthier catering menu for your next corporate event.

Plan for Sufficient Vegetables and Fruits

According to health experts and nutritionists, approximately half of your dinner plate should always be made up of fruits and vegetables, and there is a good reason for it. Typically, vegetables and fruits are packed with a wide range of nutrients that help your body perform all of its functions. This is a good starting point when coming up with the food items that will appear on your catered corporate event.

Go for a lot of fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, kales, and carrots. South Florida catering experts say that including vegetables and fruits on your catered corporate event menu shouldn’t be boring. Other options include Caesar salads, pan-seared vegetables, steamed asparagus, sautéed green beans, and fruit skewers.

Provide Healthy Drink Options

Typically, many of the drinks that are served at corporate events are packed with a lot of sugar, artificial flavors, and even corn syrup. Scientific studies reveal that grown-up men shouldn’t take more than 37 grams of added sugar a day while women should take more than 25 grams of added sugar per day. Just think of this; one can of coca cola contain approximately 33 grams of added sugar.

At corporate events, people always expect to see lots of sugary drinks on the menu, but that shouldn’t always be the case. Try to provide alternative beverages for guests who are trying to avoid the excessive sugar. For instance, you could consider adding flavored water to your menu which has fewer calories compared to carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

Pick Whole Grains

Like fruits and vegetables, whole grains contain a wide range of essential nutrients such as fiber, proteins, and minerals. The human body requires the nutrients contained in whole grains to promote healthy and quick digestion and also prevent common diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. South Florida catering experts say that unlike the other types of grains, most of the whole grain foods tend to contain the entire grain that has the bran, germ, and endosperm.

Some of the common whole grain foods that you can include on your next catered corporate event menu include; quinoa, brown rice, and whole grain rolls. Talk to your caterer about the best whole grain menu option that you can add on your menu.