French term Sous Vide means ‘under vacuum’, is a method where you put your food in a plastic bag and dip it in hot water for more than an hour. This way of cooking was started 40 years ago but has taken prominent place among restaurants and popular places recently. Now this method of cooking is becoming popular among renowned chefs.

According to the term, food is packaged in a vacuumed plastic bag. This helps in keeping the food fresh and also the juices of that food stays intact. Sous vide is all about cooking food at a controlled temperature. Sous vide equipment are made keeping in mind the preparation of tasty and delicious food.

There are two kinds of machines available in the market –

  • All in one sous vide machines
  • Immersion circulators

Both have same purpose to prepare food at a reasonable temperature.

Here are some of the positive points of sous vide method –

  • The temperature being consistent keeps your food in good shape and you can have a steak exactly the way you like.
  • Tough meats can be cooked slowly for long hours to maintain its juice and tenderness.
  • Since your food is packed in a vacuum bag therefore, their flavors don’t vanish in heat.
  • Your food will never be overcooked or burned because you dip your food in water.

  • Vacuum sealing keeps all the vitamins and minerals intact in the food, which means you don’t need anything extra with it.
  • The best way to manage your time because you don’t have to check your food every fifteen minutes while your food is being cooked you can complete certain other household chores.

Here are few steps to teach you how to use sous vide machine –

  • Pour some normal water into a container and fix the sous vide machine to it.
  • Set the machine to a desired temperature in which you wish to cook your food.
  • Now put all the seasoning in the bag where you have vacuum sealed your meat or vegetable.
  • Drop the food pouch in the water that’s boiling to a set temperature.

  • Come back after an hour or two to check if your food is cooked. Remove it from the plastic bag and serve it hot.
  • If you want you can also barbecue the steak that was cooked. This way your steak gets roasted faster with all juice and seasoning intact.

Now you can have restaurant style food at home. No more chewy chicken or soggy vegetables. Feel each flavor in your mouth and crunchiness of every vegetable by using a sous vide machine.