NFC fruit and vegetable juice (Not From Concentrate) are on the rise, and for good reason; the world is going green and healthy, and thanks to the gentle processing procedures, great products can be delivered to the customer at both a minimum of cost and a maximum of quality. It’s also these wonderful processing procedures that ensure you can get juices from all around the world for your customers to experience the flavours of the globe in a multitude of ways. Ever wonder how it all happens, and what the benefits to your enterprise might be? Here are the essential facts on NFC fruit juice and its benefits for the food and beverage sector: your questions answered.

The processing

The processing from fruit to concentrated juice is easy, straightforward, and very safe. In the first stages of the process, the fruit is peeled, deseeded, and, when necessary, removed of its core. The meat of the fruit is then placed under pressure for the juice to run into a heating facility. There the juice is heated for two reasons: firstly, to ensure all bacteria are killed and the product remains safe, and secondly, to extract the water and reduce the juice to extract – its very essence. This is then packaged and frozen.

Completely natural

Because of the processing, there is no need to enhance the juice with any preservatives or colouring product – the extracted product remains 100% natural, because the process itself eliminates any need for artificial ingredients. This allows the end user to experience the full flavour and health benefits of the product, without a need for additives. It’s 100% natural, from start to end.

A large variety

The process also allows for long storage – which means that any product from around the world can be shipped anytime, anywhere. It further allows you to use juices that would normally be out of season, or unobtainable due to geographic location.

Why use it?

When juice is concentrated, it can be modified to suit a particular taste or fit a particular recipe. Furthermore, the easy storage and transportation requirements mean you save a lot of space, energy, and money.

The beauty about the whole process is that quality is guaranteed, particularly if sourced from reliable and trustworthy fruit juice manufacturers; the world demands quality, and NFC fruit and vegetable juices guarantees you can get it, regardless of the season, regardless of the location where the fruit or vegetables are grown, and regardless of the end-product of the consumer. It provides your business with a wide variety of options from which to choose, and allows you to give your customer exactly what he or she wants, where he or she wants it, and how he or she wants it. It’s the perfect solution for a business on the go.

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