Harbor Island is often referred to as the most beautiful island in the Bahamas, mainly due to the pink and powdery fine sandy beach. The Beach of Harbor Island regularly appears in lists of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. A recent poll among readers of Traveler’s World magazine confirms this.

Harbor Island Dunmore Town

The island offers wonderful pink or white sandy beaches, charming little guesthouses but also a handful of luxury resorts with the best seafood restaurants in the Bahamas. If you are looking for all this and a bit more excitement, then take the ferry to Harbor Island and Eleuthera chic which is a neighboring island. With its 5-mile pink sandy beach, world-class dining and chic luxury boutique hotels, it’s no wonder that Harbor Island is a favorite spot for the fine and celebrity. If you are wondering where to explore on Harbour Island then the following information is quite important for you.

Harbor Island is certainly one of the attractive islands in the Bahamas, with its largest settlement of Dunmore Town, and has five kilometers of pink sand. Definitely worth a visit and the traveler with little time can visit the island on a day trip from Nassau on the Bahamas Ferry.

Harbor Island with the good-looking beach

The best way to get around the island is to rent a golf cart or bike or take a taxi. Climbing the hills in the midday heat can be quite exhausting. Old trees line the narrow streets of Dunmore Town, which was named in the 18th century after the Royal Governor of Bahamas, Lord Dunmore. He built a summer residence on the island and also designed the place. Dunmore Town was also the capital of the Bahamas at that time.

It is the only settlement on the island, and within 20 minutes you can visit the sights of these places. You can visit the oldest Anglican Church in the Bahamas, Saint John’s, on Dunmore Street, built in 1768, or visit Wesley Methodist Church, built in 1848.

Bay Street

Bay Street is the country house of loyalists. It was built by the original settlers in 1797. There are many more beautiful colonial-style houses on Bay Street that are painted colorfully and whose gardens are adorned with colorful flowers, framed by white picket fences.

If you visit the end of Bay Street and follow the curve to the western end of the island, you will find the “Lonely Tree”, one of the most photographed objects on the island. You can also see a picture on the homepage of this website. This large piece of driftwood was washed ashore after a storm and anchored itself vertically in the sand, making it an effective and popular photographic object for many tourists.

Wondering more on where to explore on Harbour Island? Off the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean is a long coral reef that protects the beach and is an excellent snorkeling area. You can spot colorful fish and a few old wrecks. There is also attractive bone fishing facilities at Girl Bay near Dunmore Town. You can charter a boat for half a day. For more information ask the hotel reception.