If you like your cup of coffee with a little milk, perhaps you might also enjoy your shot of espresso the very same way. Or, rather, you should consider various types of hot Kafexpress.ca espresso drinks whose recipes include milk. A traditional, simple espresso shot consists of a single oz of hot water extracted through ¼ oz ground coffee using 9 bars of pressure for 30 seconds.  These recipes, then, simply add milk in different ways to create something new.


In most parts of Europe, this is the most popular way to order (and drink) coffee.  This is just a basic shot of espresso, of course, poured into a wide mug and then topped with steamed milk foam.  It is important that you do not pour steamed milk into a cappuccino, just top the espresso with the foam: approximately twice as much foam as espresso.  It is light, fluffy, smooth, and sweet.


In the United States—and other parts of the West—this is probably more popular than the cappuccino; essentially, the opposite.  Take the basic shot of espresso and add steamed milk (with little or no steamed milk foam) at a measure of 1 oz espresso to no more than 8 oz steamed milk (and a little steamed milk foam).


Now, if you really just want a slightly creamy shot of espresso, you should order a macchiato. This is just a single shot of basic espresso with a touch of milk—literally, just a drop or two of milk to slightly change the color of the coffee.  “Macchiato” actually means “spotted” in Italian, so think of it as added a “spot” of milk to your shot of espresso.

You can also order this “lungo,” which means adding hot water to the shot of espresso to stretch it—or make it “longer”—for a slightly less concentrated (and longer lasting) hot coffee beverage.


Not necessarily a “traditional” coffee drink, the Americano is so named because simple hot water is added to the shot of espresso so that it more closely resembles the brewed style of coffee that is popular in, you guessed it, North America. As you can assess, it is similar, in some ways, to the Macchiato Lungo. Of course, you can always add milk or cream or sugar (or any combination) to continue altering the recipe to your liking.