Listed here are types of 10 efficient ways to make use of your small blender / small food processor to create your work round the kitchen much simpler (without dirtying the unnecessarily bigger container of the full-sized blender for any small task).

Bandages. Salad dressing isn’t something usually make in large quantities. For many recipes, you’ll make a maximum of just one cup at any given time, creating a small blender ideal. It’s a terrific way to easily blend oils, vinegars, herbs, along with other seasonings (like garlic clove) a lot more effectively compared to hands.

Chopping or grating nuts. Considerably faster and smaller sized than when you are performing so by hands. Just make certain your blender is sharp enough to get this done.

Dicing garlic clove and small vegetables. Likewise try utilizing a blender for fresh ginger root or similar vegetables.

Pesto. This flavorful mixture of tulsi, pine nuts, and oil makes pasta scrumptious. The blender may be the best method to get this to potent and flavorful concoction rapidly and cleanly.

Hummus. Should you simply want an amount or more of hummus, place your garbanzos, tahini, and flavorings in to the small blender and voila-instant hummus for the pita or veggie sandwich. You don’t need to make greater than necessary.

Grating cheese. Carrying this out by hands may take forever. Throw chunks of cheese inside a blender also it takes under one minute.

Salsa. Desire a quick, healthy snack? Toss in a couple of items of tomato, onion and pepper to create a quick a cup.

Powdered sugar. Why buy this at the shop? Help make your own by blending regular sugar right into a powder if needed, or keep some on hands within an additional container.

Tear-free diced onions. Chop an onion into manageable chunks and allow the blender take it from there.

Breakfast of champions. Large blenders make even more than you’ll need, so make use of your small blender to create a cup or more of healthy shake each morning. Yogurt, frozen fruit, along with a a little orange juice is all that’s necessary for simple vitamins.

Using the best blender and food processor can be little difficult as you will never like that your appliance is damaged so fast. In order to get the best result from your machine, you have to adopt some method, such as adding water while making smoothies to avoid damage to the appliance.