We all lead ultra busy and fast paced lives now and as we move into a time where 5-a-day isn’t enough and you now need 10 pieces of healthy food, whether fruit, vegetable, nut or seed, each and every day, in order to reach our required daily nutrient levels how can you get the nutrition you need? Monthly subscription box sets used to be the sole preserve of beauty sets but not longer, healthy food box sets can now be purchased, bringing direct to your desk those healthy snacks that will prevent you from gobbling down some chocolate or crisps in your work break.

Companies like Graze or HelloFresh have led the way in healthy snacking boxes. All consumers have to do is sign up, indicate how many days they would like a box delivered to them and a range of preferences. If you are ultra strict with your intake there are especially healthy boxes with only options open to you that are good for your health. Others prefer a mix with an 80/20 ratio of healthy and fun snacks for you to pick at during the working day.

Add to that the latest trends of boxsets that offer superfoods, vegan or gluten-free healthy snacks and you now have no excuse not to stay in shape, or at least to have a healthy intake of foods even if you don’t keep fit in other ways!

For most people it’s about having a well balanced diet, and it can be difficult and expensive to do so on a regular basis without a bit of help from elsewhere. Modern life is busy and distracting and it can be hard to find the time to buy the right types of food and to cook from scratch using proper ingredients that aren’t going to clog up your arteries as soon as you look at them.

A selection of healthy snacks will keep you energised throughout the day, alert and focused which can have the positive knock-on effect with making you better at your job, you can lose weight as a result, stay happier and in a positive mood and also provide your body with better tools with which to fight illness and disease. All through an easy to sign up to subscription for healthy foods in a handy box, delivered right to your door or, even better, your desk at work.

If you’re looking to make the leap into eating healthier, especially if you lead a sedentary working life at a desk most days, you could do a lot worse than to sign up for a food and drink subscription box that focuses on healthy eating. It will make a real difference to your eating habits and open up your culinary world to new nuts, seeds and fruit that you would otherwise not purchase.