It’s important to feed your guests throughout the day of your wedding. This is especially true if you are having a full day of activities between the ceremony and the reception. Hungry guests are never happy guests, which is where canapés come in handy. Canapés are small hors d’oeuvres that are there for your guests to snack on periodically throughout the day or evening. They can help to keep your guests fed, occupied, and happy. There are many options for canapés and variety is important for your guests.

Below are a few tips and tricks to help make your wedding more successful by choosing the right canapés in Dubai.

Tips and Tricks

  • Serve a few different kinds of canapés per hour. On average, your guests should have the option of eating one canapé every 15 minutes. Canapés are small and savoury, which will keep your guests happy and well-fed, ensuring that the day goes smoothly.
  • You should make sure you have a wide variety of options, particularly a mix of meat, fish, and vegetarian options for your guests. You should also consider your guests dietary preferences and any allergies they may have as well when choosing canapés. When you give out invitations, make sure to leave space for guests to fill out any dietary preferences or inclinations.
  • Variety is important because it will give your guests options. Not everyone likes the same things, and options are great for any event. Your guests will appreciate the diversity.
  • While you may want to include decadent canapés in your menu, you may also want to present some classics as well. You should make sure there are some selections that will be familiar and make your guests comfortable. A few recognisable dishes is a very good idea.


  • Meat – Quail eggs, duck, and pheasant are all ideal bases for canapés. You should always make sure your canapés are balanced with a mix of greens or other vibrant tastes. For example, spiced duck and orange cranberry sauce gives you the heartiness of the meat along with the pop of flavour the orange and cranberry offers the dish. Be sure to have a balance of both for the best flavours.
  • Fish – Fish, crab, and prawns are top picks for great canapés. You should also follow the same balance rule for fish as you would with meat. The balance will create a great flavour everyone will love. Professional caterers will be able to help guide your decisions. An example of a great canapé is tiger prawns with coconut and lime. Ideal for a wedding reception.
  • Vegetarian – Vegetarian canapés can be just as vibrant and hearty as their non-vegetarian counterparts. Even if you don’t have any vegetarian guests, they offer a balance to the other canapés. For example, sweet potato scones and grilled goat cheese with yellow relish can be a great vegetarian option.

Don’t forget about dessert either. There can be wonderful dessert canapés made for you as well. All these are simple ideas for keeping your wedding day calm and smooth, and your guests happy.