It is your loved one’s birthday and you are planning to make something special for him/her. Nothing can be better than a handmade chocolate cake. This is one of the preparations that everyone is fond of. The quality and flavor of the cake depend on the type of chocolate that is being used in preparing it.

There are different types of chocolates available on the market, choosing the right one is very important. Sorting out the different types of chocolate available at the store can be quite confusing. There are some useful tips that will help you find the best chocolate to make your cakes extremely delightful.

Understand the labeling

Chocolates contain cocoa powder in them that determines the taste of the cake. It is important to read the percentages of cocoa present in it. Besides the percentage, the chocolate cake also comes with labeling such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bittersweet, semisweet, etc.

This labeling is done as per the amount of cocoa present in the chocolate. Lamontagne is one of the best places to get a wide range of premium quality chocolates. Most of the chocolate is made with 50% to 58% of cocoa butter. Rest is cocoa solids, sugar, lecithin, vanilla and flavoring agents.

Chocolates that have cocoa butter have got enhanced sheen and smooth texture. Lesser the amount of chocolates more will be the amount of other fats such as palm kernel oil and several other flavorings. When preparing a cake, you should choose the one that has a high amount of real chocolate and only little quantities of sugar and other additives.

Do the comparison

Once you get to understand the nutritional labels and what the chocolate is made up of, the next thing is to compare the labels. A chocolate that has a higher amount of fat percentage in it means that it has more of cocoa butter in it. The price of such chocolates is more than the ones with a lesser amount of fat content.

If you are not a calorie conscious person and looking for enhanced richness, texture and softness then go for the ones that have more amount of cocoa butter in it.

Celebrating an occasion with lip-smacking chocolate cakes is a wonderful idea. Proper selection of chocolate would not only tantalize the taste buds of everyone but make the occasion all the more special.