You might be surprised to know that many owners of frozen yogurt, ice cream and gelato shops miss out on their opportunity to establish a steady revenue steam: hand-packaged pints of their product. The concept is simple, says Gelato Products: in addition to earning money from customers who eat your product in the shop, you can also earn money from customers who want to eat your product at home.

Getting started selling your own product is easier than it seems. Find a supplier of ice cream containers that conform to local health regulations, and ensure that you have adequate freezer space to store and display your new pints. Look for suppliers that advertise Los Angeles wholesale gelato supplies, as these wholesalers will offer you the best rate on large batch orders.

One other detail to consider as you’re buying new frozen yogurt products is whether or not to feature your brand on the materials. Of course, it is fine to sell your pints in a generic ice cream container; however, you can increase your marketing outlay by simply printing your logo on the side of each container.

When you first begin selling pints in your store, be sure to offer a diverse selection of some of your most popular flavors. Solicit feedback from your customers so that you are aware of any potential holes in the market. Consider offering reduced rates for customers who place large orders for parties and events; becoming the go-to event supplier could be a boon for your business!