Preserving wine is a true problematic as soon as you start collecting some fine wines. It is especially the case If you bought a luxurious bottle during an auction organized by Baghera Wines, a consulting agency specializing in fine wines. In fact, it is necessary to keep it in optimal conditions so that it develops all its aromas. Here are some guidelines to follow. Find out more about oenology on their blog

Organization of the cellar and ideal temperature
Wine is a drink that improves over the years , the aromas can be increased if you have followed all instructions:

  • The bottles must be lying down, and the cork must not dry out
  • The cellar must allow you to move without any difficulty.
  • Bottle access must be easy
  • It is better to place the red wine above the white wine due to difference in temperature
    If the area is sufficient, it is advisable to devote specific areas to your different wines in order to respect a temperature of between 11 and 14 degrees and a humidity of 80%.

    Hygiene instructions

    Wine lovers and even collectors, often need advice for an ideal conservation. Baghera Wines has been a key player since 2015 . During the Master Class, tastings and auctions, Baghera Wines has shared its know-how acquired over the years within the world of oenology. It is recommended for example, to respect hygienic conditions, because the environment must not alter your wine. The latter should not be stored near food as the bottles could absorb vegetables and fruit odours. Chemicals and fungi are also banned as. They encourage the spread of bacteria.

    The importance of preserving collectible bottles

    If you buy one of Baghera’s most expensive wine bottles in the world and if the conditions are not optimal for conservation, the aromas will degrade. This storage is important for it to reveal all its aromas. Sometimes it takes just a minor error to block the opening of the grand cru, such as a simple misconfiguration: the temperature was too high, the cork dried, mold-formation.

    If you want to attend the next Baghera Wines auction on June 17, 2018 in Geneva, you must learn how to preserve your wine as they are delicate. For example, beginners can use a cellar to adjust the humidity and temperature. This exceptional auction will showcase the latest bottles of wine from the famous winemaker Henri Jayer. It is undeniably a must-see event for amateurs as well as experts.