A pecan pie is that has pecan nuts as its primary ingredient. The pecan nuts are mixed in fillings of eggs sugar (known as corn syrup) and butter. At times brown sugar is used in place of white sugar, or even maple syrup or honey is also used. It is one the special dishes in the Southern region of the United States and is served during holiday meals. At times salt and vanilla are used to add flavor to pecan pie. Even chocolate and bourbon whiskey are added to the recipe at times.

Origin of pecan pie

Pecan pie originated from the southern part of the USA. In fact, archeological evidence has shown that in Texas, pecan pie was being made more than eight thousand years ago. Many say that pecan pie was the brainchild of the French after they settled in New Orleans, where they got acquainted with pecan nuts by the Native American tribes of Quinipissa and Tangipahoa.

There have been mentions of pecan pie in American television and literature while talking about Thanksgiving. Pecan pie is also associated with the festival of Christmas.

Preparation of pecan pie

The oven must be pre-heated with a baking sheet on the middle rack. After this, a dough must be rolled out on a floured surface. Make sure you trim the edges keeping half inch overhanging. The overhang must be folded under, against the rim of the pie plate. If you want you can you decorations while crimping the folded overhang. At the bottom, prick lightly all over the surface with a fork. After this is done, the dough needs to be frozen for ten minutes to make it firm.

While the dough is freezing, in a saucepan put some butter and melt it over medium heat. To this add brown sugar and whisk until the mixture becomes smooth. Remove the saucepan from the oven, and add vanilla, corn syrup and salt and whisk the mixture. Beat three large eggs and add it to the mixture made with corn syrup. Whisk the entire thing for some time.

In the pie shell, you can put the pecans and pour the corn syrup and egg mixture evenly over it. This whole arrangement must be placed on a hot baking sheet until it is all set and baked for at least fifty to sixty minutes.

Your pecan pie is ready. Serve it with a garnishing of vanilla cream or ice cream.