Do you and your girlfriends like to make a habit of getting together on a regular basis to catch up and share some laughs? Why not make it a bit more special if you will, and plan a ladies’ luncheon for your next gathering. It gives you and the girls a chance to get out, socialize, dress up, and make the day even more memorable than it already will be.

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Here are some tips you can use to make sure your ladies luncheon goes off without a hitch, and everyone has a fabulous time.

Pick a Unique Restaurant

The first thing you’ll want to cross off your “to do” list is picking a unique restaurant. Yes, you could host a luncheon at your own place, but by meeting up a local restaurant it just helps to make the day a bit more special. This is especially nice if you and your girlfriends don’t get to see each other often.

In picking the restaurant, look for something that will appeal to everyone, has a varied menu, yet also features classic and unique dishes. Again, you’re looking to create an experience that is unique. Going to a restaurant where you could make the same dishes at home just isn’t quite as exciting.

For those living in New Orleans region you may want to opt for restaurants such as Compere Lapin, Primitivo and others. This is a wonderful example of a restaurant that has a modern and authentic atmosphere, a mouth-watering menu of items you likely wouldn’t be able to create at home, and it’s centrally located in the Byward Market district, so you can do a little browsing after your lunch.

Make a Reservation

Once you pick the restaurant, be sure to make a reservation. The last thing you want to do is show up to this perfect restaurant only to find out that you’ll be waiting an hour or more to be seated. A reservation will ensure things go smoothly.

Set a Theme

Yes this may sound a bit odd at first, but setting a theme for your ladies luncheon can really take it from a typical meal at a restaurant, to something that is truly unique. Whether you pick a fun and cute theme, or something that oozes style and class, that’s up to you. Just make sure to give your girlfriends plenty of notice about the theme so they have a chance to plan their outfit accordingly.

Pick a Specialty Cocktail or Drink

If you and your girlfriends enjoy sampling different wines, cocktails, and drinks, then you can speak to the restaurant in advance about a speciality cocktail or drink. They may be willing to make one for you and your guests, or provide a suggestion off the menu. If you have any guests who prefer the non-alcoholic version, make sure you communicate this to the restaurant. You can then arrange to have the drinks served the moment you and your guests are seated.

Don’t Forget to Capture the Moment

Of course, the final tip is to make sure that this fabulous day is captured forever with a photo. To ensure that everyone is in the picture you can ask the server or host to take the picture.