Food habits of people have changed with the passage of time. However, it has been for the best in the past few years. People have become health conscious as well. It would not be wrong to suggest that the previous year was great for food. As per the report of The Waitrose Food and Drink for 2017-18, golden Asian spice turmeric has become top-selling spice of the supermarket. Furthermore, peanut butter has been seen on literally everything ranging from ice cream to cereal. In continuation, blueberries have become the most preferred berry for Britain.

With all this and more, you may wonder what would come in 2018. The Glasgow kitchen specialists analysed the predictions made from experts in the food and culinary industry. They have been working on finding the upcoming food trends that you should be introducing in your home and lifestyle for times to come.

Food and veggies

The point brought forth by International Taste Solution’s marketing and product development teams revealed that consumers have been continuously searching for new ways of increasing their daily intake of fruits and veggies. However, in the coming year, the idea would be seen as people aiming to adding blend of produce into everything from milkshakes to baked products to small snacks to cereal bars in their regular diet.

Floral flavours

The ITS team expects that the floral flavours would increase in popularity in the upcoming few years.

Plant based protein

Protein has been deemed of great importance for consumption after exercising. The body tends to use proteins for building and repairing muscle tissues. However, a majority of people have been expected to look at grains, algae, seeds, pulses, soy and shoots for added protein intake.

Sports nutrition products

A number of athletes and bodybuilders have been seeing protein to be an integral aspect of their diet for gaining energy, hydration and recovery needs.