Beavertown Brewery

As a massive IPA fan it’ll come as no surprise to many that Beavertown’s IPA absolutely blew my socks of when I first tried it. Craftmetropolis Craft Beer Club is one of the stockists where you can buy beavertown’s Lupoid IPA, and when your try it you’ll realise it’s worth every penny because nothing quite hits the spot like beavertown. With an iconic design, beavertown blows you away before you’ve even started drinking the beer. With a citrusy, fruity, hoppy taste it gives a very modern take IPA. The Gamma Ray APA produces a hazy pale orange colour, with a citrusy hoppy aroma and tastes incredibly juicy, with a light carbonation that creates a quality APA that could arguably be the best in the UK.

Pressure Drop

I’ve always loved the specials and pressure drop is one of my favorite songs, so I can’t really lie when I tell you that a massive reason for me choosing to drink these beers was simply the title. The pale fire has a yellow colour with a slight haze, with a light carbonation the aroma has a light maltiness mixed with grapefruit, lemons, apples and peppery hops. There’s also a certain taste of a honey with a hint of wheat and floral. It feels really smooth to drink and is quite refreshing. It’s a bog standard drinkable APA that is sure to not disappoint. Bosko provides a creamy caramel colour with a bit of an orange and mango taste It can be a bit too dark and sweet for most IPA drinkers but certainly provides a certain unique taste. Its certainly not an American IPA, the malts used in it give it far more of British feel. It’s a decent IPA but I wouldn’t but it on my top list of beers.

Brixton Brewery Electric I.P.A.

Brixton has such a rich cultural history behind it and Brixton Brewery certainly does not bring the reputation into disrepute. The rich orange core has a light amber colour. It’s slightly hazy with a thin white head. The fruity/citrusy taste comes from the lemon, lime and orange that is very prominent in the beer.  With a juicy taste its moderately bitter, very hoppy but also will a solid malt base.  I always am skeptical about a fruity bitter beer but Brixton brewery certainly pull it off here and would be a recommendation to anyone interested in IPA or craft beer for that matter.