With the advancement of online technology, most of the people prefer to choose online cake delivery option as this gives you the opportunity to order your favorite cake from the comfort of your home and at the same time it saves a lot of time. However if you have time and planning to make an interesting cake with highly delectable taste,  Super Mario Question Block cake can be the best idea.

Who hasn’t heard about the ever popular game called “Super Mario?” Most of the game loving enthusiasts started their gaming venture with this fun game. How about rejoicing those old Mario gaming moments with a very delicious handmade Mario cake.  If you are planning to delight your little one with an ever-memorable cake surprise, presenting this cake could be a great deal for you. Very famous cake maker Rosanna Pansino has already made this very funny Mario Question Block Surprise cake.  It does not only come with the exact question block look but at the same time you will find an interactive element in this cake. Pansino calls it “Pinata Cake” because this cake comes with the hollow in the middle. You can use the hollow to put anything you want. Now you might be wondering what to put in it. Well, you can simply put gold coins. It’s obvious that you won’t original gold coins. You can use chocolate wrapped in golden wrapper because it actually looks like gold coins. If you want to make it look more devilish, put some bitter mushrooms in it. It would resemble the Poison Mushrooms, specifically introduced in Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.

The recipe of making this cake is actually simple. You can simply start with a chocolate and a vanilla mix cake. You can use half of the batter from each mix to bake the cake round and use the remaining half for making cup cakes.

The complete full cake round serves as the face and you need to design the other cake round into a sharp so that it can fit the face like hat. Cut the top of the cupcake and use it as a nose and place it aside. You can also use cupcakes as ears by cutting the bottom off it.

A lot of people do not prefer to have fondant cake and that’s why it is always better to cover the cake with frosting to bring a delicious taste and yummy look.

If you want to make this cake with fondant only, you  can use marshmallow fondant because kids really love it.

When it comes to choosing the fondant color, it would be really good if you use colors like red, brown, skin tone, blue and white. It is recommended to not use the red color when it comes to coloring the fondant.

Now You Should Know How To Shape This Cake Perfectly-

  1. The entire process of shaping this cake perfectly doesn’t involve using any sort of fancy tools. You can simply do it using simply household things like-
  2. A rolling pin for making the fondant smooth and flat
  3. Simply use a paring knife for scoring and cutting the fondant
  4. You can simply remove the wrinkles using a fondant smoother
  5. When it comes to cutting any kind of circle, using a biscuit cutter set could be a great idea.

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