Phentermine (Phen) is a psychostimulant drug which is required for the weight loss. It is a well-known drug of the substituted amphetamine class that has been used by people. It is an FDA recommended thedrug for loss of weight in individuals. The drug is prescribed not to lose the last 10 pounds in the body rather for obese people having a body mass index of more than 30. Obese people are often hesitant to get advice from the doctors regarding their health issues. In doing so, they turn a blind eye to their problems thereby aggravating the chances of increased health risks like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Knowing Phentermine before use

Phentermine is a drug that is a well-established role in the weight loss and is usedonly after consultation with the doctor. This substituted amphetamine class of drug leads to the increase in the epinephrine and norepinephrine levels that creates the “fight or flight” mode in the body.  The increased level of these hormone signals the breakdown of fat. It makes an individual more energetic due to increase in theproduction of energy and decreasing one’s appetite.  This appetite suppressor helps in decreasing the calorie intake in the body and creating a satiated feeling even after consumption of less food. The drug in combination with a strict diet regime can help in losing a lot of body weight. At times coupling it with regular exercises can miraculously reduce the extra weight of the body and reveal you. Recent studies have revealed that combination of the Phen with a healthy diet and exercise lead many people to their goal weight and more effective in the long run.

Phentermine Availability

Phentermine is classified as a class IV drug, which cannot be obtained in the medical shop without the doctor’s prescription. Phen can be easily available in online stores, but a careful investigation of the source should be done before purchasing it. There are various success stories where weight loss by Phen can get you close to your goal weight.  There are also chances of abusing it. Doctors normally closely monitor the drug use by patients and normally do not prescribe more. In spite of this, it should be kept away from drug abusers, and intake should be carefully monitored to avoid misuse of it.  In spite of this, Mayo Clinic recommends it as a low abuse drug which can be used for weight loss and increasing energy in the body.

Phentermine and success stories

There are many stories in the market that deal with the fact that Phen use leads to significantloss of weight in obese people to make them a healthier person. A large variety of weight loss supplements is present in the market which makes it an attractive deal for users. The effectivity of these products is much in question. Recent studies have revealed that combination of exercise and diet along with the doctor’s recommended Phen, goes a long way in curbingone’s eating urges and re-establishing a diet regime in the body.  A healthy plan can lead to more than a 100-pound loss in weight and increases the mobility of an obese person.People should be careful to prevent misuse of the drug.