Sous vide is the french phrase for under a vacuum, and this is also a method cooking that has become increasingly popular, this method of cooking requires you to seal the item in question in a plastic pouch in order to be able to cook it, it is then submerged in water that is set to a low heat and the food is the cooked for many many hours up to forty eight. though the cooking method is usually a lot slower than normal cooking methods, usually taking around 7 hours to cook something, but depending on the food and the recipe it can take much longer to cook up to forty eight hours like i mentioned before. because the food cooks for so long it is also cooked at much lower temperatures than is used in normal cooking methods these things are achieved by placing the seal food stuff in a container that is either circulating warm air or water at usually one hundred and thirty one degrees fahrenheit to one hundred and forty degrees fahrenheit. The intent of this cooking method is to cook food evenly throughout without overcooking the outside and while making sure that the food stuff retains all of it’s natural moisture.

One of the biggest reasons why sous vide equipment is sought after is because of how low maintenance the cooking method is, there is no need to be constantly monitoring your food and having to make sure that it isn’t going awry. Because the sous vide equipment keeps the air or water flow at a constant temperature it’s really a no brainer when it comes to sous vide cooking. The constant temperature keeps the meat cooking in an even way so much so that some people swear by the quality of the meat being increased by the cooking method. berkel sales and service Inc. has all of the equipment you will need to be able to make sous vide cooking a part of your restaurant business or home their online shopping is made for your convenience but don’t be discouraged from contacting them directly as their customer service representatives are known for being friendly and helpful.

You may be wondering if there are different types of sous vide equipment for the home or for commercial use and even though they both technically do the same there are some minor differences in what you would find in commercial use of sous vide equipment versus what you would find in an individual’s home when they are using their sous vide equipment. For the most part though these changes are  merely aesthetic and change only in terms of sizes and how much product each one can hold but other than that like i said the function of the machine stays relatively the same. Although home use usually will opt for what is called an immersion circulator which is just a small device that you can attach to the side of a pot or plastic container and it will heat up and circulate the water so you can cook sous vide.