If you’re running a restaurant, you may want to serve alcoholic beverages. Many people enjoy having a drink with dinner, especially if they’re on a date or celebrating. You can also make a good amount of money from serving alcoholic beverages. There are many different options out there, and the type of alcohol you serve may be determined by the type of restaurant you’re running. A restaurant designed for the average person may serve beer, while one that is considered high-end and fancier may need to have wine on hand. Here are some of the different types of alcohol you could serve.


Wine comes in several different options. There are white wines such as chardonnay, riesling, pinot gris, and sauvignon blanc. These wines tend to be fairly dry. On the other hand, you have red wines such as rosé, merlot, and pinot noir. Different wines are typically paired with specific meats or are classified as dessert wines if they’re really sweet. If you’re going to serve wine and offer different types of dishes such as fish, chicken, and pork, you’ll want to have several types of both red and white wine available.

For those restaurants that are considered upper-tier, elegant locations, you may want to have some aged bottles of wine that are fairly expensive. You may even want to have a sommelier on staff. This position, sometimes referred to as a wine steward, is your expert in wines and helps diners select the wine they want to have with dinner.


There are hundreds of different brands of beer ranging from local options made in micro-breweries to well-known international beers. The type you purchase from websites such as Tap House Cellars depends on if you’re focusing mainly on beverages or not. If you’re a bar, you’re going to want to have a good selection. If you’re marketing your restaurant or pub as a local establishment, you may want to look for craft beers made from local breweries. If you want to offer something different, you may want to stock some unique craft beers from other countries.


Champagne is generally drank at special events such as weddings, anniversaries, or on New Year’s Eve. If you have a lot of people coming to your restaurant for these events, you may want to stock it. You may also want to have champagne on hand if you’re going to be open on New Year’s Eve or on other holidays.


Whisky is often considered a cool person’s drink. While it may not be as popular as beer or wine, you’ll still have people order a neat whisky from time to time. Most restaurants don’t stock it, but if you have a bar or pub, it’s worth having whisky on hand.

Other Spirits

If you’re going to offer mixed drinks, you may need other types of alcohol such as rum, vodka, tequila, and gin. If you’re not a bar, you may not necessarily need all of these liquors. However, you may offer mixed drinks made out of one or two of them, depending on what food you serve.