Tampa offers breathtaking varieties of views and sceneries that will surely relax everyone who visits the place. From its local residents to the people from different states who visit Tampa often, positive testimonials from them are always expected; as if the place has given them the greatest vacation ever. From calm and beautiful bay that gives an exceptional ambiance of calmness and relaxation, to its city lights that enlighten the place every night, these are the best places everyone should list down to their bucket list, particularly for those who want to know where to explore on Harbour Island.

Tampa Harbour Island

Tampa Harbour Island is located within the city limits of Tampa, Florida in the United States. The Island now mostly consists of private residential areas, which includes tall condos, apartments, single-family homes, large house and even row houses. Different establishments can also be seen here, which offers a variety of merchandises, services, and assistance. The calm waters add a calm yet breathtaking view that really soothes everyone, giving them calmness and relaxation.

For people who wanted to have a nice, cozy and relaxing vacation. Tampa Harbour Island is considered as one of the best choices, with its massive variety of venues that offers outdoor activities that do not only add spice into everyone’s vacation experience but as well as increase their awareness on how beautiful Tampa Harbour Island is. But if you are looking for the best place to visit in Tampa Harbour Island, you can check these four venues.

Kraken Cycle boats

If you want to thoroughly see and explore the beautiful waters of Tampa Harbour Island, Kraken Cycle Boats is the best place to visit. They offer a two-hour cruise from the water that can be explored with their paddle-operated boats and are perfect for big group of friends who want to experience a unique way to explore Tampa.

Tampa Bay History Center

 It is considered by many ones of the best tourist destinations in Tampa. Tampa Bay History Centers offers a variety of ancient artifacts, historical records and artifacts from the Europeans who first arrived in Tampa Bay area, as well as detailed records of the history of the Tampa Harbour Island.

Florida Aquarium

Perfect for families who wanted to explore the beauty of the harbor’s waters and see its natural wonders. Florida Aquarium offers exceptional and exciting activities that will surely make every family excited. From their coral reef exhibit to its wild dolphin cruise, Florida Aquarium is the best choice for those who are seeking for a unique and extraordinary vacation.

American Social Bar & Kitchen

American Social Bar & Kitchen’s branch in Tampa Bay, offers a wide variety of services and accommodations. From their delicious and savory dishes that are available from brunch, lunch and dinner, to their delicious drinks that can be purchased with a 50% off discount; having the best and relaxing vacation here at Tampa Harbour Island will surely be a memorable one.


If you are still wondering where to explore on Harbour Island, trying these four venues and tourist locations are worth a try. Considered by the locals, as well as Tampa’s tourists, these places provide every tourists and visitors the best vacation and outdoor activity they deserve, making Tampa Harbour Island one of the best places to have your fun and relaxing getaway.