There is no doubt that in business everyone wants to get the best deal. One one side, if you want to buy sheep, you have to consider what type of breed you want to buy, for example, if you want the sheep for the meat or for their kind of wool. On the other side, you may be interested to buy live lambs mostly for their tender meat.

Births of the baby lambs and the weaning process

Considering the fact that ewes have a mild nature and are protective mothers, the lambs can be weaned at early ages. Nonetheless, the baby lambs should be weaned in a suitable moment, not earlier.

Depending on some factors such as breed nutrition and time management, ewes can become mothers by the time they reach their first birthday. Before being bred the sheep must achieve approximately two-thirds of her mature size (weight), a condition which is required in order to have healthy lambs.

Spring can be a good timing for the birth of the lambs because the grass is abundant and the weather is warm. In general, the weaning process of the baby lambs can begin at eight weeks old when they are separated from their mothers. Is it important to put the baby lambs preferably out of the sight and earshot of the ewes.

It is a well-known fact that lambs can be bred at 7 to 9 months of age or at 2 years old. But the breeding and the starting the process of weaning it depends on many factors. As a matter of fact, different types of breed reaches sexual maturity at different stages of life.

Live lambs available for sale

Buying lambs via online seem to be very easy at first sight. Anyway, in order to make the right choice, you should check some things before you make a decision.

  1. Choose a trustworthy exporter. There are lots of companies which provides baby lambs for sale which makes quite difficult the process of selection, but if you choose wisely, you’ll be satisfied.
  2. Export from a country which has a friendly environment. The conditions required to maintain their status of health are essential. The baby lambs available for sale should be raised on a farm built and managed according to all standardization required by the Union European.
  3. Pay attention to the traceability of the system. For example, all the live lambs available for sale must be provided with identification numbers, stored electronically and uploaded to National Sanitary for Food Safety.

Nutrition requirements for lambs

When the day length becomes shorter (in the fall), the brain of the ewe’s brain is being activated. As a result, it will release hormones that will start her reproductive system. The health of the sheep and their baby lambs is quite important, so the breeder has to be well prepared.

During the breeding time and the lactation period and, there are some special nutrition requirements. The fodder must contain vitamins and minerals. Also, it is necessary that sheep be provided with fresh water.