Tapping a keg at home is no mean task. Chances are it can go horribly wrong, and you might end up ruining your party and probably becoming a laughing stock in front of your friends. After all, everyone prefers a perfect pour over a good swim. Below mentioned are some tips and tricks that would help you become knowledgeable on how to tap a keg of beer like a pro

  • The foremost important tip for a perfect pour lies in the right way of transporting and caring for the keg. First, you must never toss your keg as it will shake the pressurized liquid. This would create extra froth and perhaps kegtastrophe. It should not be rolled It’s best to carry it like a kid and place it on the seat and tied with the seatbelt. It can also be held in the lap and held tightly like a child during transportation. Handling should always be done with care.
  • The right temperature of the beer at the time of serving is another important Different beers have different temperatures you must be aware of them though generally, all beers are served chilled. To achieve this, you can keep the keg iced down or use an insulated super cooler. In case, you are unsure, serve your keg at 350. This way, your guests can warm it in their hands to individual preferences.
  • Using the right equipment to tap the keg ensures that the beer would pour out fresh and carbonated to the last drop. Since there are seven different types of tap, you must find out the right one and use it to tap the keg. It is this equipment that can make or break your party. The material of the tap is another important consideration. Steel is preferred over plastic as it is easy to clean and better fights contamination. Once you have the correct tap, it should always be iced before use as a warm tap will make your beer lose carbonation.

This done, you are ready to tap the keg. You must practice enough and do it right. The cap should be removed first. The tap should remain ‘unengaged’ and then the keg tapped. You can now enjoy the drink.