Kitchen is a thing that you have to be accurate about as it’s a place where you mother or wife will spend their whole day. You have to take care of each appliance closely. So, if it is flooring in the kitchen, glasses, oven or pressure cooker. You have to check everything before buying. You should buy best induction pressure cookers from reliable sources only. Now, let us discuss what types of induction pressure cookers are good for you.

We will discuss 5 important things which should be in your pressure cooker

  • Stainless steel is best for you

Every kitchen needs a stainless steel pressure cooker. It should be made by high quality and long-lasting stainless steel. All stainless steels are different, so make sure to check the label and it should be of “18/10 stainless steel”. Such steels are good for the pressure cooker. This stainless steel should have 10.5% chromium in it.

  • Go for customer supportive store

Such appliances will definitely need service on some period of time, so the place from where you buy should be ready for the service whenever you go. There are some stores in the market who don’t give services once you buy it, so check this first.

  • Size

It is actually depends on how many people you are in the house, the on an average size of pressure cookers are 6- or 8-quart.  And if you are alone at home then you need quart of pressure cooker.

  • Handles

Look for the big handle, as the pressure cooker will become very heavy once it is loaded with different cooked food and liquid. So, please select large handles in the pressure cooker.

  • Base material

In current market there are two types of material in pressure cooker. 1) Bi – Metal 2) Tri – Metal. Select accordingly.