While there are a few things to consider in the search for the Tassimo Bosch machine of your dreams, there is one important detail to keep in mind: consistency. That’s right; your coffee will taste exactly right, no matter which Tassimo Bosch coffee machine you choose for your home or office. A unique barcode on the T DISC coffee pods tells each machine exactly how to brew that specific drink. That means your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate will be perfect every single time.

Other consistencies between machine models are the self-cleaning function, a single button to operate the coffee maker, and a speedy brewing process. With all that in mind, there are some interesting differences in features and price point between each of the Bosch Tassimo machines. Those changes from model to model might impact your final Tassimo choice, so let’s explore a few examples.

Tassimo Bosch VIVY (T12)

At £99, this is the most budget-friendly and space-conscious Tassimo Bosch model. It’s only 21 cm wide! Due to its 0.7l water tank, this might not be the right machine for anyone who enjoys entertaining larger groups of people. Its compact size does make it the perfect choice for cosy kitchens, student flats, and smaller offices. This coffee maker is available in a Cool Blue edition, adding a fun pop of colour to any interior.

Tassimo Bosch SUNY (T32)

Like the VIVY model, the SUNY is compact to fit small spaces. Its 0.8l water reservoir will need topping up if you’re serving coffee to guests, but it’s ideal for a one person office or small household. Especially if you’re often in a hurry, you’ll love the Smart Start button, which kicks your machine into gear as you tap your cup or mug against it. No extra button pressing needed! It’s an excellent choice for your morning cup of espresso or afternoon tea. The SUNY is available in Midnight Black and Pacific Blue at a price point of £119.99.

Tassimo Bosch CHARMY (T55)

The swankier end of the Tassimo range is where you’ll find the CHARMY. Its water tank holds an impressive 1.5l of water, ready to brew in an instant. Serve individual drinks to guests as you brew all their favourite beverages at the touch of a button. True coffee fanatics will be excited about CHARMY’s option to scale the size of your drink manually. That means you can personalise each coffee, latte, or cappuccino exactly the way you like it. The CHARMY also brings Brita water filtration technology to the table, keeping your coffee maker “healthy” for longer. This model is a bit larger than the others, taking up a more prominent place in the kitchen of the biggest coffee lovers. The best news is that it still won’t break the bank… the CHARMY is affordably priced at £139.99.

Now what?

Of course, these are only three of the Tassimo Bosch machines available on the Tassimo web shop. For a full comparison of features between all the different models, visit tassimo.co.uk and check out the Compare Machines app. With your priorities in mind, you’ll be able to explore all the potential machines and narrow down which Tassimo Bosch coffee maker is right for you! Keep in mind that each machine uses the unique barcode scanning technology to brew each drink the way it was intended. That means you really can’t go wrong, regardless of which machine you decide to bring into your home!