As a beginner interested in Sake, one of the problems you tend to face is a place where you can buy Sake drinks. This is always challenging especially if you not living in Japan.

Now, Sake seems to be more readily available as the world’s Sake boom. Local large wine stores or certain Japanese grocery shops and restaurants.

Visiting these stores might actually help you find buyers. Buy some Sake drinks from Japan restaurants, taste them and find one with the taste you love. After picking out a Sake, ask them about their supplier, collect the necessary information to be able to reach the Sake supplier.
It’s best to get sake for Japanese not some random Asians working in a restaurant. You can get premium sake dealers from the Japanese.

This might be really stressful looking for Japanese grocery shops and restaurants. However, you can also get where to buy Sake online. (Follow the link,  to get sake drinks and order wine)

What’s Sake?

For totally beginner, who perhaps might have heard of sake or had an opportunity to have a taste would know its special.

Sake is an alcoholic drink. Its origin is traced back as far as 2000 years to the Japanese. Sake is made from rice. Although, he Japan drinks has now been improved to a premium drink which started 50 years ago.

 Sake is being improved so its taste better and has more aroma. The national drink is made from over 70 varieties of rice. Recently about 3 variety is used to make premium sake — yamadanishiki, gyohakumangoku, and miyamanishiki.

How to buy Sake

Most people are not aware of the varieties in which Sake exist. Sake differs just our wines do — champagne, whiskey, Scotch and many others. Premium Sake is known for the polishing ratio.

The polishing ratio is calibrated using percentage (%). It’s called about the ratio of rice remaining after fat and protein have been removed. These nutrients are removed from the starchy core of the rice can be reached, for easy conversion to fermentable sugar using koji mould.
This polishing ratio determines the quality and price.

Another process important in the process of producing sake is the fermentation process. The fermentation process determines the style and flavor. The toji, an ancient Japanese brewing machine is regarded as the master brewer. The brewing process commences from the treatment of rice — washing, steaming, and cooling of the rice. After which it’s laid out on a wood for the next process — fermentation process. The starch is fermented making use of the koji mould spore to make fermentable sugar.

There are common sake styles as a beginner you should know —
Daiginjo (Super premium, fragrant sake with min 50% polishing ratio)
Ginjo  (Premium, fragrant sake, polishing ratio: 40%), and Honjozo (Light, mildly fragrant premium sake, polished ratio: min 70%).

Sake is a beautiful drink, if you’re interested in still buying the Japanese wine and having difficulties finding a place where to buy Sake, might be challenging. But you can easily get a Sake on online stores.