Trappist beer is like nothing else you will ever taste. Unlike your typical beer, this type is made by Monks in their monastery. It is fermented in a bottle, making it a perfect choice to stock your own at-home beer cellar. Though you may not be familiar with this type of beer you may have tasted one and not realized it. This is because the Monks that brew the beer also act as consultants for various breweries all over the country. To determine whether you have had a Trappist beer such as Chimay Beer, it helps to know the four styles it is brewed in:

  • regular
  • double/dubbel
  • triple/trippel
  • quadruple/quadrupel

The general consensus is that the quadruple beer has a stronger flavor than the other three. Regular is the least strong of the flavors while double and triple fall in the middle. When it comes to Chimay Beer, from regular to quadruple, your four choices are Gold, Red Cap, Triple and Blue Cap. At one time the Gold type of the beer wasn’t sold to the general public, as it was originally meant for monks and their guests. However, you can now purchase it.  Red Cap is the company’s oldest type and was first produced in 1862. It smells and tastes just like apricot, giving off a light aroma. Its flavor is silky but slightly bitter. The Triple is a more mellow flavor and and carries a hint of raisin. The Blue Cap is the darkest of the four beers. It was originally developed by the monks to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Characteristics of Trappist Beer

Characteristics of a typical Trappist beer include  a fruity, round and ripe flavor.  When you drink this beer you will smell the spicy aroma of it.  A Trappist beer typically has a 6% to 12% ABV, meaning it is a beer well suited for connoisseurs. Their finish is a smooth one and lacks the undesirable after taste other types of beers leave behind. Chimay and similar beers are easy to appreciate drinking; this is not a beer to drink quickly. The more you savor a Trappist the more satisfaction you will get from the experience.

Knowing When And How To Drink

The typical recommendation for a Trappist beer is to drink it at a neutral temperature. This is one type of beer that won’t taste as good if it is too warm or even too cold. When you pour yourself a glass of this beer make sure to stop just short of the last few drops. The beer at the very bottom of the bottle contains particles inserted during the brewing process. Rather than skipping drinking the last few sips you are better off drinking them straight from the bottle. You will find that those drops of beer with the particles in them contain vitamins.