When you order food as a vegetarian or vegan, you might think that choices are limited. However, modern takeaways are extremely accommodating and they will make sure that you get the food that you want.

Many takeaways will take certain ingredients out of a takeaway meal if you do not want any eggs or cream. There is lots of tasty Chinese food that you can order without having to eat any meat.

Why is Chinese food a good choice for vegetarian take away?

  • You Can Order Horse Chestnuts

When you are browsing the Chinese takeaway menu in Bristol, you will see that a large number of vegetarian dishes have horse chestnuts in them. The horse chestnuts are boiled and fried with garlic and chilli to give them an enticing flavour.

You can choose to eat the horse chestnuts with a wide range of other food, from sticky fried rice to crispy noodles. This might become one of your favourite dishes on the entire takeaway menu.

  • You Can Order Egg-Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is one of the most popular items on the menu. This is an extremely simple dish but it is packed with flavour. Compare the taste of different egg-fried rice from different takeaways. The rice and eggs will be flavoured with lots of different ingredients.

  • You Can Order Pak Choi

Pak choi is a staple of any vegetarian Chinese takeaway menu. This is an incredibly versatile which can be paired with rice, noodles or tofu. It is extremely flavourful and it can be cooked to your exact specifications.

The pak choi can either be grilled or boiled so that it is crunchy or chewy. You will want to order this delicious vegetable every time that you have a takeaway meal.

  • You Can Order Tofu

Tofu is a classic dish that is popular in many Asian countries and not just China. You will be able to find extremely delicious tofu on the menu of your local takeaway and they will be able to cook it in a number of different ways.

You might want to have the tofu cooked in some salt and pepper. This is one of the most basic tofu recipes. If you want something spicier, then you should try tofu that has been seasoned with some chilli. Some takeaways will offer sweet and sour tofu as well.

  • You Can Order Fried Mushrooms

Fried mushrooms are very versatile and they recreate the texture of meat. The mushrooms will be seasoned with lots of different things such as salt, chilli and pepper. You can compare the mushroom of different takeaways around town.


  • There are lots of Chinese vegetarian dishes that you can choose from.
  • You do not have to sacrifice taste when you order a vegetarian meal.
  • You can have vegetarian meals made to your exact specifications.
  • Food like mushrooms, pak choi and tofu is going to fill you up just as well as meat.