Nobody wants to deal with a swarm of mosquitoes showing up to their party as uninvited guests. Fortunately, it’s possible to get rid of them without disrupting the main event. The best way to do that is by getting a special event mosquito treatment from a skilled professional, such as the Mosquito Squad. The treatment is designed to be applied a couple of days before the party, but it lasts long enough to make sure that none of the bugs return during the festivities.

What The Treatment Does

The treatment is a type of barrier spray, which means that it offers continuous protection rather than simply eliminating mosquitoes when it is applied. It certainly does terminate them on contact, but it also forms a protective layer that lasts after the initial spray. The protective layer is invisible and odorless, so it won’t disrupt the party, but it will make sure that mosquitoes stay away for as long as it lasts. The spray meets the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency for safety, so it won’t cause any problems for guests at the party.

The treatment usually gets scheduled one or two days before the party takes place. That ensures that there is time to complete all of the work before the party gets set up, so the procedure isn’t disruptive. The spray dries in about half an hour, so it’s possible to combine the spray with parties that require plenty of preparation time. As an added bonus, doing the spray early means that it can also offer some protection to the people who are setting up tents or any other outdoor party supplies.

Why It Matters

Mosquitoes can easily a ruin an outdoor party. Most people will ignore one or two bites if they are having a good time, but it’s rare to run into only one or two mosquitoes at a time. It’s much more likely that the guests will run into many hungry mosquitoes. The pain and itchiness from those bites will be enough to send them running indoors and ruin the party in a surprisingly short amount of time. The irritation from the bites can last for days after they happen, so they will have a memento of their bad time for quite a while.

It would be bad enough if some itchiness and irritation was the only risk, but mosquitoes can also carry a variety of diseases. They can pass on almost any disease that can be transmitted through blood, and some of those diseases are extremely dangerous. Even though the odds of infection from any single bite are quite low, it’s best to play it safe and get rid of the bugs. After all, holding a party where everyone gets sick from mosquito bites it just as bad as holding one where everyone gets food poisoning, and a special treatment is the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen.